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(Describe biography as a genre. Include biography, autobiography, memoir, collective biography)

This month, you will need to read THREE biographies.

The Books

Choose TWO biographies from the following list:
Boy on the Wooden Box by
Tillie Pierce by
Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass
Liberty or Death: The Surprising Story of runaway slaves who sided with the British
No Crystal Stair
Lewis and Clark by Nick Bertozzi
Temple Grandin
Amelia Lost
George Bellows-Painter with a Punch
Driven-a photobiography of Henry Ford
Babe Conquers the World
Sally Ride:Life on a Mission
Or any other biography or collective biography written for middle grade students that was written in the last two years.

For the THIRD biography, choose a series in your library and read a few biographies within that series.

Online resources for this genre:

Youtube Booktrailers:

Biography promotion ideas:

When you are creating displays,don't forget to pair biographies with historical fiction novels that include the same people or are from the same historical time period.